B E  I N S P I R E D

Explore the stories of the exceptional people behind our lens as we celebrate their story. 


Famously known within the Newstead area as one of Brisbane's best pilates instructors. Sarah not only delivers exceptional classes at TotalFusion & Function Well, but she is also known for her up-to-date fitness fashion and encourages her team to find comfort in style while getting sweaty. 

Sarah already has an amazing following of loyal clients, but we were ready to elevate her content to showcase the fierce and bold way she leads Brisbane through their daily workouts. 

Sarah reached out to PLTFRM for a 2 Hour of Power session. Seeking creative mastery from the very beginning and direction on how to elevate her personal brand above the rest. We meet with Sarah and carefully mapped out a style, mood board, shot list and grid as she moves into this next faze of her business. 

PLTFRM was blown away with this project and excited to watch the @sarah__watson__ brand grow!


Founder of Azul Collective (also known as the 'Brisbane" French Pocket Rocket). Marie has built her success over the past 10 years working within the hospitality industry. In 2018 she moved to Brisbane and was part of the opening events management team for The Calile Hotel, along with creation of Essa Restaurant and The Green. Marie now finds herself as a leader in her field as Melrose in Bulimba.

In 2020 whilst leading within the hospitality industry, Marie noticed the perfect space in the market for Commerical uniforms. Taking her passion for excellent service and launching Azul Collective. 

Marie now designs uniforms for many leading restaurants, cafes and bars around Brisbane, including; Melrose, The Green, Essa, Tetto , Communa and many more. 

Marie & PLTFRM were drawn together to showcase the powerful woman behind the creation. Initially embarking on a 2 Hour of Power session together to truely capture the personaility (and beauty) of this leading female entreprenur. 


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Founder and CEO of Fitcover Australia, sweat proof and skin-friendly makeup for the gym. Nova is an incredible Gold Coast based female boss, who reached out to PLTFRM to create amazing content for her upcoming new brand G-Banger. 

Nova is experienced with the content and marketing world with the creation of Fitcover which now has over 100K happy customers. She reached out needing a BOLD and POWERFUL concept to showcase how every woman should feel beautiful wearing her G-Banger brand. 

PLTFRM rolled up their sleeves to dig deep for inspiration for this launch campaign. With so much success from our first shoot, PLTFRM is thrilled to continue to work closely with G-Banger as the brand grows.