W H O  I S  

P L T F R M ?

We are a creative content studio for those who dare to stand out.

Our experience? It feels like a 5-star hotel.

With a camera in one hand and a creative mind in the other, we create an end-to-end content experience like no other. We are masters at visual storytelling and we’re driven to celebrate you, and all of you.

We dare to be different. We inspire innovation, and we’re here to challenge the entire content experience. 

We’re a diverse team of creatives who are masters in creativity; specialising in photography, videography, styling, editing and curating content that will blow you away. 

FIFI ROCHET  | PLTFRM’s Leader & Creative Director

A daring disruptor

Fifi’s mission for PLTFRM? To tell visual stories, of those who dare to be different, through a new content experience.  To shine a light on those who are ready to be seen.  With a daring belief to strive for content-excellence, Fifi decided it was time to disrupt the visual experience and create something new.  Known for her human-driven approach in all she does, Fifi’s true talent is in capturing content that ignites emotion; a visual that will always share a story, waiting to be told.  A master in shining a light on your best features, Fifi makes everyone feel and look their very best, and will always challenge you to think bigger.  As a lover of people and connection, Fifi is inspired by the stories in front of the lens and is dedicated to celebrating those who are ready to be seen

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